Resources for Lenders

Welcome lenders!  This program owes its success to the 100+ approved lenders who help homebuyers in Maricopa county realize the dream of homeownership. 

Program News

New! Effective immediately, Home in Five Advantage is suspending its ten-year forgivable conventional loan product. The following product codes will not be available for locks beginning October 10th, 2019: CPX 305, CPX306, CPX307, CPX315, CPX316, CPX317, EPX100, EPX101, EPX102, EPX103 AND EPX104. 

Products and second loan documents

Notice: These rates are provided for informational purposes only.  The rates shown within the Lakeview Correspondent Client portal are the rates at which loans must be locked.  For any discrepancies between rates posted here and rates shown inside the LLS client portal, the rates inside the Lakeview client portal control.

Notice:  When initiating any second loan, lenders are responsible for ensuring they match the version of the second loan documents to the version shown here. The version number is listed on the bottom of the first page of the PDF file.

Lender Training
For the latest detailed infomation about products, codes, and program requirements, please visit the Lender Training page.

The program is sometimes impacted by changes in policy, regulation, legal opinions, and more at the federal/national level. Please review the lender guidance page to ensure you have the information you and your company require as an approved lender. 

More information or need Assistance?
To learn more about the transition, click here. The Home in Five Advantage team is available to answer questions and help lenders navigate program offerings. To help you determine who to contact, view our Who to Contact reference guide. For more information about second loan payoff, click here.

Becoming an approved lender

To become an approved lender for the Home in Five Advantage program, please contact us today. Please email the Home in Five Advantage team: